Islander Sportfishing is a family owned business based out of San Diego, California. We provide 1.5 to 5 day fishing trips off the Baja California coast of Mexico as well as Southern California. Islander Sportfishing is focused on delivering the finest in terms of service, safety and fishability. We recognize the many variables involved in a successful trip and strive to ensure that every expectation is met. Our hand-picked crew brings years of experience to each trip along with unmatched customer service. The success of your trip depends on far more than just fishing and our entire team is empowered to make sure your experience is one to remember. All trips are run aboard our vessel, M/V Islander.

The Islander is an American flagged vessel, regulated, certified, safeguarded, and annually inspected by the United States Coast Guard. All of our employees take part in the USCG drug testing program as well. In the last fifteen seasons, we have safely and successfully led nearly 10,000 people on voyages into Mexican and American waters in pursuit of fish. From the epic Albacore years to the history-making Bluefin fishery of the last few years, Islander Sportfishing has been, and will continue to be a major presence in the San Diego long range scene.

Islander History

Originally the Red Rooster II, the Islander was built by Ditmar Donalson in Costa Mesa, CA in 1968. Ditmars are very much a part of Southern California’s sportfishing history as is the Islander. To many, they represent the pinnacle of west coast plank boat building. Indeed, their longevity is a testimony to the craftsmanship. The Islander is double-planked Honduran mahogany making it as strong as any wood boat in service today. Though many parts of the boat have seen upgrades in the last five years, the hull is original and nearly untouched. The boat has come a long way over the last five decades but we take great pride in the fact the Islander continues to operate on the same waters, and in the same fashion that it was built 50 years ago.

Interested in a full boat charter? Or just a couple of spots on an open party trip?

The Islander can accommodate your needs for all type of fishing trips. Fisherman’s Landing books our variety of open party trips ranging from overnight to 3.5 days. Our kayak fishing mothership and spearfishing trips to San Clemente Island in June are 1.5 or 2.5 days. Full boat group charters from 1.5 days up to 6 days can be booked directly with our office. We look forward to having you aboard with us!

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