2017 was another fantastic season for the Islander and the entire fleet as well.  The volume of bluefin of all sizes continues to be remarkable as these fish make an unprecedented showing off our cost.  This event, coupled with the size of the fish in some of these schools has created an opportunity never experienced in Southern California.  Accessibility has been a major factor over the last year as much of this fish has remained in 1-1.5 day range.  This has provided a chance for anglers across the spectrum to have a realistic shot at a fish over 100lbs. which has truly changed the dynamic of the entree fleet not to mention the tackle industry. Our expectation for 2018 is much the same with bluefin maintaining a presence in our local waters into the winter.  There is always the hope that our beloved Albacore make an appearance with year but only time will tell if that is to be the case.  Either way, we are bracing ourself for another season of fantastic fishing that will test not only our tackle but our abilities to adapt and try new strategies.  I think it’s reasonable to say that improvements in tackle and strategy have improved more in the last 3 years than the last 10, especially on trips of one to three days.

Our schedule is out with a whole host of trips from 1.5 to 3.5 days.  We encourage to take a look and find one that fits.  We look forward to returning friends and new faces in 2019!

Interested in a full boat charter? Or just a couple of spots on an open party trip?

The Islander can accommodate your needs for all type of fishing trips. Fisherman’s Landing books our variety of open party trips ranging from overnight to 3.5 days. Our kayak fishing mothership and spearfishing trips to San Clemente Island in June are 1.5 or 2.5 days. Full boat group charters from 1.5 days up to 6 days can be booked directly with our office. We look forward to having you aboard with us!

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