We’ve started our 2018 maintenance with the usual vigor and are hard at work making numerous upgrades to the Islander.  Our main project is a redo of the entire wheelhouse roof which has been on the horizon for several years now.  With new framework and a brand new skin on top we’ll achieve improved structural stability and a more modernized look.  In addition, we’re giving the main cabin and wheelhouse a new paint job to go with new galley windows.  These upgrades will go a long way toward the overall cosmetics of the boat but will also play a big part in keeping the Islander at the forefront of her class in terms of safety, comfort and fishability.

Along with these more noticeable improvements come the myriad of chores we perform yearly to make sure the boat is ready when it’s time to fish.  We’re making every effort to have the Islander ready for day at the docks.  If the doors are open feel free to come on board and say hey.  If not, we’ll see you on the water in 2019!

Interested in a full boat charter? Or just a couple of spots on an open party trip?

The Islander can accommodate your needs for all type of fishing trips. Fisherman’s Landing books our variety of open party trips ranging from overnight to 3.5 days. Our kayak fishing mothership and spearfishing trips to San Clemente Island in June are 1.5 or 2.5 days. Full boat group charters from 1.5 days up to 6 days can be booked directly with our office. We look forward to having you aboard with us!

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