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Have you and your friends ever been on a fishing trip but wanted to do more than just fish?

Many water oriented people enjoy and appreciate the ocean for all it has to offer including surfing, kayaking, free diving and scuba.

We can incorporate one or all of these things into a custom trip either down the Baja Coast or out to the Channel Islands. We can also customize itineraries to cater to specific interests or to target specific fish species.


Sample 2 day Itinerary

Depart San Diego 9pm
Day 1: Arrive at San Clemente Island at daybreak. Fish, dive, kayak fish for Yellowtail, White Seabass, Halibut and Calico Bass.
Day 2: Fish/dive/kayak throughout the day departing for San Diego at 2pm and arriving at 8pm

SurfSample 7 day Baja Coast Itinerary

Day 1: Depart San Diego 12 noon and travel most of the day.
Day 2: Fish offshore for Tuna and Yellowtail.
Day 3: Surf Punta Canoas in the morning and look for halibut and yellowtail in the afternoon.
Day 4: Arrive at San Benitos in the morning. Fish for yellowtail, Spearfish White seabass and kayak fish all day. Depart for Isla Natividad at dark.
Day 5: Check Natividad and surf in the morning, fish big yellows and Scuba dive Chesters Rocks in the afternoon. Depart for Sacramento reef at dark.
Day 6: Fish/ Dive Sacramento reef in the morning and surf Punta Baja in the afternoon. Move offshore at dark.
FishDay 7: Fish offshore for Tuna all day. Arrive in San Diego the following morning.

Islander is uniquely outfitted to make these trips a reality!





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