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Islander Charters…Specialists in Oceanic Adventure

M/V Islander is a 85' San Diego based long-range charter boat servicing Baja California and it's pristine islands. Each voyage is led by us, Captains/Owner John Conniff and Captain Jason Murphy. In the last decade, we have safely and successfully led over 10,000 people on voyages into Mexican waters and beyond. Our love for both fishing and diving gives us a unique perspective of the ocean's complextiites from not only above the water but from beneath it as well.

Our carefully crafted schedule, including Great White Shark Dive trips to Guadalupe Island, Sportfishing, Freediving, Scuba Diving, Kayak Mothership trips or any number of Eco Adventures are all designed with seasons and conditions in mind. We offer cutting edge adventure at its peak with a year-round schedule focused on the finest the Pacific has to offer.


Long-Range Sportfishing

When pelagic fish congregate on our local banks we are among the first on scene with a diverse schedule of multi-day sportfishing trips. Our handpicked crew are second to none when it comes to all aspects of Southern California sportfishing. From coastal Yellowtail and Seabass to popular pelagics such as Albacore or Yellowfin, Islander Charters is at the forefront in terms of tackle innovation, fish handling and customer service. With close to 30 years of combined fishing experience from Clipperton Island to Central California our Owner/Operators are committed to making sure your experience is a memorable one.

Guadalupe Island Great White Shark Diving

Great White Shark Diving at Isla Guadalupe – the title almost speaks for itself. Islander Charters is one of the few vessels currently operating at Guadalupe Island that not only books itself, but that owns its own dive equipment, cages and compressors. We are dedicated to this fascinating portion of our schedule and that dedication readily shows in our custom built equipment, local knowledge and expert crew. Islander Charters is also the only Isla Guadalupe Shark Dive vessel with a full-time research/observation program in place dedicated to the preservation of the Great White Shark.

Kayak Mothership Trips

Islander Charters sets the standard when it comes to Kayak Mothership trips. We were the first in Southern California to offer this voyage and we continue to set the pace five years later. From San Clemente Island to the Baja peninsula and even to the Cortez Bank we’ve seen it all. With a custom designed swim step, kayak rack and chase skiff we remain at the forefront when it comes to putting kayak fishermen in remote locations and offering them the potential for the catch of a lifetime.

Freediving and Spearfishing

Islander Charters also offers trips for freediving and spearfishing. Our kayak mothership trips to San Clemente Island and the Mexican coast are open to freedivers as well as kayakers and they provide the perfect opportunity to hunt for White Sea Bass, Yellowtail or Halibut in uncrowded waters.


Conservation Commitment

Islander Charters takes its commitment to the ocean seriously. Be it on-site research, on the water vigilance or teaming with scientists to utilize the ocean for the planet’s betterment we recognize the role that we play as everyday users of this precious resource. One of the ways we attempt to give back is through various eco-minded adventures. Whether it’s viewing great white sharks in their natural habitat, exploring uninhabited islands in the Sea of Cortez or paddling the pristine coves of the Channel Islands we understand the importance of bringing people of all ages and backgrounds face to face with our amazing oceans. Islander Charters is conscience of our footprint on this remarkable environment and we operate with the understanding that we are guardians of this fantastic landscape. .